Hi, I'm Benny, I'm 29 and I love web development

I've worked in the games, e-learning and simulator industries. I love open source projects and annoy both the Kohanaphp framework and Mozilla Labs Ubiquity admins with my silly questions and contributions :)

In my spare time I develop websites, facebook apps, tinker with other technologies (e.g. RoR, Titanium) and I've been an iPhone developer for the last two years. I also like Cadburys Cream Eggs!

I created this site to tell you a little about me and hopefully point you to some useful and interesting resources. Enjoy your stay!

my resume


  • iPhone Developer, Appscore
  • Applications Developer, Thru-u.com
  • Game & Applications Developer, Upstart Games


  • Masters of Science in Multimedia Technology
  • Bachelors of Science in Business Systems Computing


  • PHP - Kohanaphp Framework
  • Flex - Actionscript 3, Cairngorm Framework
  • Java - J2SE & J2ME
  • .Net - C#, LINQ
  • DHTML - CSS, XML, jQuery, AJAX
  • iPhone - Objective C


  • Eclipse
  • Coda
  • Flex Builder
  • Xcode
  • SVN & GIT
  • Modx, Wordpress & Joomla
  • Photoshop & Illustrator (novice)

my work

Under Construction (i.e. have to get around to creating thumbnails:)